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Our Approach

Targeted Placement
Today’s HR and management roles are critical for the success and health of companies. Our service specifically addresses the resulting need: reliable access to the best, most competitive talent. We introduce only the most carefully selected candidates who meet the organizational and business challenges of a given role. We select people who have positively contributed to an organization, and whose credentials and interests match the job and company requirements.

Enhanced Service Level
Most searches naturally look to the candidate pool which is readily available. We go well beyond that by seeking out candidates from a broader base of “untapped” sources. We continually explore new avenues, reaching out to new people and expanding our network via research and direct sourcing. As we surface new people, we make it our priority to carefully understand each person’s background and experiences, to insure an accurate and suitable match.

Rapid Response Time
We understand the urgency of getting the right person, and the
need to find that person in a timely fashion. Because we know the specific company cultures; because we have a clear perspective
on the intangible factors which contribute to “right fit”; and because we spend the time to know the candidate pool, we can produce results quickly.

Committed to Results
We continue to source and find new candidates even as the job recalibrates, requirements shift or for tough to fill, specialized
roles with specific requirements, for as long as it takes, until the position is filled.


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